Mr. Britton, Mr. Gordon and Mr. Page:

Thank you guys so much for One Word That Will Change Your Life. For about the past 8 years I have been receiving FCA Daily Impacts in my email and have read the past few years the One Word devotions. Each time I have read the devotional I have thought about and prayed about what my One Word should be. However, I had never actually selected a Word. Not for sure how I ran across @JonGordon11 but I started following Jon a few months ago and saw his one word tweets.

When I initially saw it and read about the book I didn’t make the connection, the connection occurred to me while listening the Webinar.

Thirteen months ago I left an Active Duty tour with the military after 17 years and currently serve in the Army Reserve as a Company First Sergeant. For about the past 9 years after returning from Iraq I said I was going to lose weight and get in athletic shape again (shortly after being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes) and that I was going to finish my Bachelors of Science degree so I could chase my dream of being a college level basketball coach.

I have had the great pleasure of being an athlete both at the high school and college level, as well as, competing for numerous military teams. In addition, I have had the honor to coach athletes in basketball from the junior high level to the college Division II level with a stint as a head varsity boys basketball coach.

I am excited that I have selected One Word for 2013: FINISH and want to sincerely Thank You guys for touching my life.