Humility Rock

Below is a One Word story / testimonial from Mike McMahon…

Jimmy…since the One Word theme is the hot topic right now, allow me to share a brief story along with this picture. Some 12 years ago, I was involved in the FCA Leadership Institute in Marshall Indiana, (with our very own Kerry O’Neill!). We were challenged then to come up with one word for the year that we would ask God to work on and grow in our lives. We then were asked to take a few hours, go outside, (the FCA Camp there was very wooded with a huge stream running through it) and spend time with the Lord…alone, and to find a rock and etch, or draw, or pen, paint…whatever…our word in that rock. I had already chosen my word for that year, and it was HUMILITY. So being the outdoorsman (but certainly not the artist! ) that I am, I made my way alone to that stream, and found a nice flat rock, small enough to fit in my suitcase for the plane ride home, and took a marker, and wrote the word…Humility.

After reflecting on the word, and in HIS word for a few hours, I came back, resumed our class, and didn’t think much about the rock again. I am not generally a sentimental guy, (to my own detriment) and figured the rock would at some point be forgotten, tossed away, whatever. When I returned home from my trip, and unpacked, I found that the rock was broken in half…either by a careless baggage handler…or as I believe now…the loving hand of God teaching me the true meaning of HUMILITY…brokenness before him.

Thank you for your leadership brother….to this day, I don’t believe that I have any of my old sports trophies, medals, or certificates that I won in my youth. They just didn’t seem that important to me. But 12 -13 years later, I still have this rock….and God is still teaching me the meaning of HUMILITY through brokenness.

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18