One Word in the Winston-Salem Journal

Nigel Alston says that one word can change everything…

It’s Donald’s fault. He started it. If he knew I was saying this about him, he would laugh and say, “Come on, unk.”

He and I have talked a lot about life, dreams, personal development and books. Reading and books are subjects that come up in almost every interaction.

“What book are you reading?” we ask each other frequently.

During a family outing a few years ago, he had an epiphany. Our conversations began to make sense for him as did the reason for the questions about goals, books, reading, dreams and on so forth.

“Now I understand what you have been doing,” he said. I smiled.

It was a priceless “aha” moment.

Now, he initiates the discussion about books as often as I do and usually is not only recommending a new book to read but also sending me one he enjoyed or thinks I would like.

Recently, he threw down a challenge that is taking hold with several people, each now focused on one word for their life in 2013. He has been influenced by yet another book: One Word that Will Change Your Life , by Jimmy Page, Jon Gordon and Dan Britton ( ).

Suppose the driving force for your success in 2013 resulted from your focus on one word as a theme for the year. A word that influences and guides your actions across the many… [read the full article online here].