Success Stories

Park Glen Elementary

This year we started off by having everyone choose a word and decorating a canvas. As a surprise, we took everyone’s word and put it in a wordle and created t-shirts. This is the end result. Thank you for being an inspiration!

Heather Varon | Assistant Principal | Park Glen Elementary

Perry Hall Love Project – Born to Love

The first day if school this year a student was shoot at Perry Hall High School in Baltimore county Maryland. The students used One Word to take back the place the shooting happened. See video below:


Mr. Britton, Mr. Gordon and Mr. Page:

Thank you guys so much for One Word That Will Change Your Life. For about the past 8 years I have been receiving FCA Daily Impacts in my email and have read the past few years the One Word devotions. Each time I have read the devotional I have thought about and prayed about what my One Word should be. However, I had never actually selected a Word. Not for sure how I ran across @JonGordon11 but I started following Jon a few months ago and saw his one word tweets.

When I initially […]

One Word iPhone Home Screen

Great example of someone using their ONE WORD as their phone screen as a daily reminder.

Get your own ONE WORD image / poster here.

Grand Valley State University

We have chose our One Word. I attached a photo to share with you, our team thought long and hard about their words. I decided to put them on the back of our practice jerseys instead of numbers. Our word needed to define us as individuals, not our number this season.

I know this will be a very inspiring year. We are extremely young, but we are united and giving each other positive energy consistently.

Thank you for impacting me as a head coach and giving me the tools to impact my team in a special way!

Go Lakers, […]

Humility Rock

Below is a One Word story / testimonial from Mike McMahon…
Jimmy…since the One Word theme is the hot topic right now, allow me to share a brief story along with this picture. Some 12 years ago, I was involved in the FCA Leadership Institute in Marshall Indiana, (with our very own Kerry O’Neill!). We were challenged then to come up with one word for the year that we would ask God to work on and grow in our lives. We then were asked to take a few hours, go outside, (the FCA Camp there was very wooded with a […]

Hendrick BMW – One Word Car

Hendrick BMW had each employee choose a word for the year and they put their words on a car featured in their showroom. Each day when employees walk into their headquarters they see their words and are reminded to live them.

One Word – Since 1999

Co-authors Dan Britton and Jimmy Page have been living and sharing the power of One Word since 1999. On New Year’s Eve they spend time with their families making paintings of their words. Then they hang their paintings in their living rooms to remind them to live their words throughout the year.

Two years ago Dan and Jimmy shared the One Word concept with Jon Gordon who in turn shared it with numerous businesses, sports teams, schools and churches.

Now the message has been turned into a book in order to be shared with even more.