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One Word iPhone Home Screen

Great example of someone using their ONE WORD as their phone screen as a daily reminder.

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Grand Valley State University

We have chose our One Word. I attached a photo to share with you, our team thought long and hard about their words. I decided to put them on the back of our practice jerseys instead of numbers. Our word needed to define us as individuals, not our number this season.

I know this will be a very inspiring year. We are extremely young, but we are united and giving each other positive energy consistently.

Thank you for impacting me as a head coach and giving me the tools to impact my team in a special way!

Go Lakers, […]

Beliefnet: Can One Word Change Your Life?

I’m thrilled to have Dan Britton, Jimmy Page and Jon Gordon as my guests today. They’ve been doing One Word since 1999 and together wrote their newly released book, One Word That Will Change Your Life (Wiley). Dan and Jimmy serve as Vice Presidents for the Fellowship of Christian. They have been best friends and accountability partners after meeting each other at an FCA meeting in 1989. Jon Gordon’s bestselling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. Jon is an active supporter and volunteer for his local FCA. Here’s what they have to say about […]

One Word in the Winston-Salem Journal

Nigel Alston says that one word can change everything…
It’s Donald’s fault. He started it. If he knew I was saying this about him, he would laugh and say, “Come on, unk.”

He and I have talked a lot about life, dreams, personal development and books. Reading and books are subjects that come up in almost every interaction.

“What book are you reading?” we ask each other frequently.

During a family outing a few years ago, he had an epiphany. Our conversations began to make sense for him as did the reason for the questions about goals, books, reading, dreams and on so […]

Humility Rock

Below is a One Word story / testimonial from Mike McMahon…
Jimmy…since the One Word theme is the hot topic right now, allow me to share a brief story along with this picture. Some 12 years ago, I was involved in the FCA Leadership Institute in Marshall Indiana, (with our very own Kerry O’Neill!). We were challenged then to come up with one word for the year that we would ask God to work on and grow in our lives. We then were asked to take a few hours, go outside, (the FCA Camp there was very wooded with a […]

One Word on WJXT TV

In this interview on WJXT TV, Jon Gordon shares about the power of One Word!


Fast Company Article on One Word

The Most Productive Way To Meet Your Company’s Goals This Year: Choose Just One Word

Read the full article from Fast Company Here.

The One Word Video

Watch the One Word Video overview…

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